Renee has been in the business of making, buying and selling for most of her life.  She started out making crafts during a difficult pregnancy in her twenties. The crafts piled up and she attended craft fairs to help dispose of them and recoup some of the supply costs. She got into making jewelry and found she sold more than she could make. To supplement her supplies she started buying some to resell.  This led to home parties, which she did for years and ended up with a staff of five doing the parties and working on a commission.  In 1985, she met her husband, Dominic, and they traveled all over the country doing fairs and festivals.
When that got old, they decided to settle down and opened a shop in Las Vegas.  They both enjoyed that for twelve years, but tired of the fast pace.They relocated to Valley Springs in 2000 and experienced severe culture shock for awhile.  They adjusted, and opened a shop in the Bay area.  Renee did the commute (two hours each way) for ten years.  Talk about burned out!
When the current location of Fancy Things became available, they jumped at it, transformed the old place from gas station service bay to a fun boutique. They have won awards as best boutique and best clothing store in the entire Mother Lode. What an honor!  Definitely worth all the hard work.

Sadly, Dominic went to heaven in 2014, and Renee has been doing her best to carry on without him.  It has been difficult.  She misses him terribly but has loving friends who help to keep her going.

Happenings in 2015

Fancy Things Boutique specializes in NEW accessories, jewelry, clothing, hats, purses, and belts.

Owner/buyer, Renee Donofrio

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